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Advisory Board

The aim of the BIOCDx Advisory Board is to consolidate existing links with complementary international initiatives, to provide strategic feedback regarding the BIOCDx project progress and to contribute to the scientific and technological excellence of the project and advise among others on improvements and/or reorientations.

Members of the BIOCDx Advisory Board

1. Prof. Alain van Gool, PhD

Professor Personalized Healthcare (NL)

Field of Expertise: Expert in molecular profiling (various Omics approaches), analytical biomarker development, and applications in translational medicine and personalized healthcare. (link)

2. Tim Kievits    

Founder/CEO of Pamgene/Vitromics NL, Chair of EuropaBio Topic Group on Personalised Medicine.

Field of Expertise: Expert in novel diagnostic products for application in personalized medicine. (link)

3. Catherine Salvat-Ortis, PhD  

Head translational Laboratory chez Debiopharm International SA

Field of Expertise: Expert in genomic technologies. Head of the Translational Laboratory of Debiopharm International. (link)